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Parliament k.s.

10 packs, 200 filtered Cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.8mg). Made in Europe.

         Parliament is a brand of cigarette manufactured by Philip Morris. Parliaments are distinctive for their recessed paper filter, in contrast to the solid foam filters on other filtered Cigarettes.
         Parliaments are sold in several different varieties:
         · Blues (Full Flavor): Kings and Hundreds
         · Lights: Kings and Hundreds
         · Ultra Lights: Kings and Hundreds
         · Menthol Full Flavor: Kings and Hundreds
         · Menthol Lights: Kings and Hundreds
         · Menthol Ultra Lights: Kings and Hundreds
         Parliaments are generally characterized by a sharp, tangy flavor. Popular nicknames for the full flavor and lights, respectively, are "P-Funks" and "P-Lights." The former takes its name from the popular funk group P-Funk, or Parliament Funkadelic, most famous for its headliner, George Clinton.
         Though Parliaments represent a sMall share of Philip Morris's cigarette sales (1.7% based on sales figures in the first quarter of 2004), they are rather popular among smokers in their 20s in the United States and Russia..

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