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SuperSmoker obviate the non-nicotine torture on the plane

The ban on smoking in the aircraft becomes a torture for long flights for people accustomed to tobacco.

Those passengers who can not endure, and a few hours, the nicotine does not pollute their lungs and the surrounding atmosphere, and now have the opportunity to smoke a special electronic cigarette. How incredible it would not sound, but some company has spent much effort and money to develop and sell a device that can replace the cigarette. «Safe» cigarette called SuperSmoker. It looks like a normal and smoked as usual. The smoke resulting from tobacco use, is water vapor, and although, according to developers, is considered to be «safe», including the passive smokers, in a cigarette nicotine is still present. On its website SuperSmoker manufacturers argue that once a cigarette, do not need to burn and the smoke from the normal is not, then the laws that prohibit smoking in airplanes and other public places, their invention did not apply. However, before you smoke the electronic cigarette, yet ask for permission from the crew, explaining this difference from normal Cigarettes. Moreover, before the flight is recommended for the airline's website to find information about SuperSmoker. Experts «Service Continents» Board followed SuperSmoker, but have not yet found carrier, expressed a positive attitude to this invention. Perhaps, in a particular flight, and the smoker will be able to agree to a specific crew. Despite promises of manufacturers and sellers SuperSmoker, their invention can not pretend to solve the problem of smokers, they just rough in a long flight, or ... quit smoking, More correctly. History ban nicotine in the sky has started More than 20 years ago. In 1988, President Reagan signed a law on domestic flights in the United States. In the same year, many U.S. airlines have announced that all flights of «free from smoking». NorthWest was the first, and later it joined Air Canada, extending these rules to all domestic and international flights. Quite quickly joined them and other airlines - in 1989, British Airways, Delta and TWA have banned smoking on their flights. A year later they were joined by Air France, Virgin, Lufthansa, Air Lingus, Finnair, Icelandair, Scandinavian Airlines, and many others. Soon the fashion for «smokeless flights» spread throughout the world. Some countries, such as Spain in 2005, made the sky over its territory free of tobacco, banning smoking on all aircraft flying over the country.

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