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Migrating customers to premium class Cigarettes slowed down - expert

We introduce the changes in two major aspects: the introduction of new text warning about the harmful effects of smoking and the imposition of new restrictions on the maximum tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in the cigarette.

But today most of our brands have a performance resin, nicotine and carbon monoxide in the cigarette, not to exceed the limits set by the new law. We support the provisions entering into force of the new technical regulations that, when used in the names of Cigarettes terms of additional characteristics of tobacco products (such as "light", "very light"), manufacturers will be obliged to apply to the stack of additional information that these characteristics do not imply that the product is less harmful to health. - All the same, not whether the word "light" and "super light" misleading consumers? - Some of our brands, we use descriptors such as, for example, "light" to our adult consumers can navigate to compare brands of Cigarettes in terms of intensity of taste. We do not claim in our advertising, and smokers should not believe that Cigarettes with a light or very light taste are "safe" or "safer" than regular brands of Cigarettes. We even had an information company in the print media, as well as in the form of booklets, nested in the pack most of our brands of Cigarettes, in which adult consumers of Cigarettes can I find information about the dangers of smoking to health and other issues relating to tobacco products. - How do you think should be regulated smoking in public places? - We agree that government should regulate smoking in public places indoors. In doing so, people should be given an opportunity to avoid exposure to tobacco smoke in places where they have to be, for example, public institutions, workplaces and public transport. Also, we support a ban on smoking in kindergartens, schools and other establishments that are primarily intended for children. At the same time, such rules should give business owners the opportunity to offer adult smokers a comfortable place to smoke. And in places where smoking is allowed, the owners of enterprises should be free to choose how to ensure a comfortable environment for smokers, and non-smokers. We believe that in places where smoking is permitted, the law should prescribe the placement of information, containing the conclusions of public health authorities about the harmful effects of passive smoking. In this case, people will be able to decide to visit places where smoking is allowed. - A ban on smoking in restaurants has caused great damage a restaurant? - Sales of Cigarettes production affiliates of Philip Morris International in Russia via HoReCa negligible, but the impact of smoking restrictions in restaurants and bars on their own business can be substantial. - Should I ban all tobacco advertising? - We support the restrictions regarding the marketing of Cigarettes, including a complete ban on certain types of advertising, such as, for example, advertising of tobacco products on television, radio or on billboards. In doing so, it is important for us to continue to use such channels of communication such as advertising at points of sale, direct communication with adult consumers who have expressed a desire to get news from a brand. - In Russia, smoking start with schools, how to cope with these authorities and that makes you? - Smoking among adolescents - a serious social problem. To fix it requires a concerted and long-term effort by all parties, including governments, teachers, parents and adolescents themselves. We look forward to helping find a solution to this problem and support the many activities and programs that are designed to prevent smoking among adolescents, to create conditions precluding the opportunity for minors to purchase Cigarettes. In Russia, the fight against smoking among minors is conducted by our company on three main areas: preventing access of minors to Cigarettes in retail, educational programs for parents, support community organizations working to prevent adolescent smoking. Philip Morris International - one of the world's largest manufacturers of tobacco products among the company's brands - Marlboro, L & M, Parliament, Virginia Slims. In Russia, a corporation owned by three affiliated companies: the two factories - Philip Morris Izhora and Philip Morris Kuban "in Krasnodar, as well as company Philip Morris Seylz end Marketing" for the marketing and sales, with branches in More than 90 cities in the country.

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