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Cigarettes Vogue Ephemere become an optical illusion

New design of Etienne Bardelli aka Akroe. In the season of spring-summer of this year, British American Tobacco "once again updated the packaging of its Cigarettes brands Vogue Ephemere (Les Éphémères),...

which twice a year, the efforts of French design takes a new look. At this time the design was developed by contemporary French artist Etienne Bardelli, also known as Akrua (Etienne Bardelli aka Akroe). The main motive for decoration Vogue Ephemere Clair and Vogue Ephemere Obscur steel optical illusion in which Akrua, judging by the rest of his work, knows the sense. He began his career with the art of graffiti, joined in the vanguard of hip-hop movement, but over time lost interest in this direction. Etienne Bardelli worked as art director for the electro / hip-hop label Institubes and designed logos for brands such as Sixpack. They were decorated windows and interiors of Galeries Lafayette - the main store in Paris. Each new image of Cigarettes Les Ephemeres is not only a new design, but also consistent with current trends the season, has its own history and style. This is the third series of Vogue Ephemere. In December 2008, British American Tobacco issued these Cigarettes in the new packaging, developed by French designer Jean-Pierre Olle. At the creation of Vogue Ephemere Azur and Vogue Ephemere Topaze his inspired metamorphoses jungle. In spring 2008, the duo of French illustrators Kerascoet (Keraskot) developed for Cigarettes Vogue Arome original collection packs "hidden world of my moods and materials for the campaign. Vogue Arome Diner en Ville, decorated in red color, Vogue Arome Balade au Parc, decorated in pink color and Vogue Arome Terrasse au Soleil. Do not spared his attention "British American Tobacco and domestic artists. In May 2007, was released on a limited collection series "Opening inspiration." In the series include "Summer Sketches" Mary Pogorzhelsky, "semi-tune" Anna Platonova and "The Mystery of charm" by Olga Polikarpova. In the figures, they reflect his vision of the three main flavors Vogue - Bleue, Lilas and Menthe. All tutus Vogue were exhibited in some stores in Moscow before the end of July 2007. New Cigarettes Vogue Ephemere Clair and Vogue Ephemere Obscur be made at a factory in St. Petersburg. The new collection can be purchased in Europe and the CIS countries. Recommended price - 85 rubles.

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